Local Mentors

The IRTC is a servant of Christ’s churches. Local pastors and elders take the lead in seeing to the training of members of their churches. They work with students who teach, evangelize, counsel and present sermons in the presence of local brothers who guide and correct them. The IRTC helps by providing quality teaching for students to use in their congregations and for their shepherds to discuss with them. We do not become responsible for the confessional views of the students. Their local churches provide the necessary mentorship for them to develop and grow. We only provide academic teaching that most local churches cannot supply adequately. Nevertheless, they can contribute significantly to the student’s assimilation of the teaching we give.

When enrolling in our courses, students must provide the name and contact information of a local mentor. It is expected that this brother will orient the student in following his studies and will do so according to the direction of his local church. The mentor can access the teaching in the same way as the student and can read everything the student reads and prepares. A church that takes a keen interest in its students can be involved very closely with their education, while well qualified professors provide instruction and assignments from a distance.

The IRTC is committed to the Reformed faith and all the instructors subscribe to either the Three Forms of Unity or the Westminster Standards. Local mentors and elders may, of course, wish to give perspectives to their students that are different from or that complement some of the thoughts expressed by the IRTC instructors. Because the mentor has access to all materials and close contact with the student, this arrangement can be worked out effectively. Although we would not be surprised if many mentors do not involve themselves all that much in the training, the possibility is there and we urge them to maintain this kind of enriching communion with the students.

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